Road Closures

Chester Zoo 10k – Sunday 31st October 2021

We are writing to inform you about the inaugural Chester Zoo 10k, organised by RunThrough Events, taking place on Sunday 31st October 2021. 

The race has a start time of 09:00am and an expected race finish time of 11:00am (detailed timings of race stages are included on the next page). We are expecting there to be around 2000 runners participating in the event this year.

In light of this event, there will be traffic management procedures in place on the morning of Sunday 31st October. These procedures have been designed to offer minimal disruption and will be managed by an expert Traffic Management company that will reopen roads as soon as possible and provide appropriate diversions during disrupted times between 09:00am and 11:00am.

RunThrough Events have previous experience of organising mass-participation races such as the iconic Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon which help to raise vast amounts for various charities. We would be happy to support local charities by offering charitable entry places for the race, for more information please contact [email protected] 

The Course & Timings

8.45am – Road Closures begin to be enforced

9.00am – Race begins 

9.03am – First runners approach Caughall Road and head south 

9.04am – First runners approach Acres Lane

9.06am – First runners approach Fox Covert Lane

9.08am – First runners approach Ash Hey Lane

9.13am – First runners approach Picton Lane

9.18am – First runners approach Ashwood Lane

9.21am – First runners approach Wervin Road

9.25am – Final runners approach Acres Lane. Caughall Lane can reopen to the south of Wervin Road

9.27am – First runners approach Caughall Road and re-enter Chester Zoo

9.30am – First runners finish the race

9.35am – Final runners approach Fox Covert Lane. Acres Lane can reopen

9.45am – Final runners approach Ash Hey Lane. Fox Covert Lane can reopen

10.05am – Final runners approach Picton Lane. Ash Hey Lane can reopen

10.15am – Final runners approach Ashwood Lane. Picton Lane can reopen

10.30am – Final runners approach Wervin Road. Ashwood Lane can reopen